Factory production strength

More than 5,000 square meters of production plant, more than 200 employees. The ten million-level standardized dust-free workshop has multiple automatic stamping, printing, laminating, laminating machines and other sophisticated production and processing equipment. Procurement of shrapnel from raw materials, each process is carefully manufactured.

The daily production capacity can reach 300-500,000 pieces, and the stock of conventional products is large. Orders can be shipped on the same day. Customized products 1-3 proofing, 3-5 days can be shipped.

Metal dome Production Process

  • Imported steel materials
    01Imported steel materials
  • 2
    High-speed punch
    02High-speed punch
  • Shrapnel life test
    03Shrapnel life test
  • 4
    Shrapnel degaussing (to prevent shrapnel sticking together)
    04Shrapnel degaussing (to prevent shrapnel sticking together)
  • Diaphragm hole punching
    05Diaphragm hole punching
  • 6
    Shrapnel tube
    06Shrapnel tube
  • Fit the shrapnel
    07Fit the shrapnel
  • 8
    Waste discharge
    08Waste discharge
  • Isolation film
    09Isolation film
  • 10
    Quality inspection
    10Quality inspection
  • Product packaging
    11Product packaging
  • 12
    Finished product display
    12Finished product display
Metal dome array Process
Metal dome array Process