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Cross-shaped 8.4mm METALDOME/DOME sheet SUS301 nickel-plated, strength 280g non-contact four-leg shrapnel





lifetime:300-500,000 times (individual test)

Surface Technology:镀镍


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Product Description

1. Product working principle:

The metaldome sheet on the film button is located on the conductive part of the PCB board (mostly located above the gold fingers on the circuit board). When pressed, the center point of the shrapnel is concave and touches the circuit on the PCB to form a loop. Pass, the whole product can work normally. Metaldome (metaldomeaeeay), the English metal dome, is made of stainless steel and is an important part of the switch. With the help of the conductivity of the metal shrapnel, it can play a high-quality switch between the operator and the product.
At the same time, metaldome's stable resilience (automatically return after pressing) and long lifespan provide the operator with high-quality tactile feedback. Shrapnel is mainly used in membrane switches of rigid boards such as printed circuit boards. We can produce non-standard thin film button conductive film (membrane switch) according to the requirements of customers. In fact, this kind of products are made according to customers' drawings or requirements, and there are no so-called standard parts or stocks with all specifications.
The stable performance of the shrapnel button has a certain effect on the structure of the machine itself. The metaldomearray and the structural performance of the machine have a complementary effect.

2. Product structure classification:
(1) Single layer structure
This is the simplest structure at the beginning. The metaldome is located under the Mylar glue (a layer of PET with glue) and has vent holes to ensure the basic feel and use.
(2) Double structure
Different from the single-layer conductive film, it has an extra layer of Spacer (spacer), the metaldome is better attached to the Mylar glue, and it maintains good contact with the circuit board, and has a better hand feeling (something similar to film The “bulge” of the switch) In addition, the ventilation groove on the double-layer structure conductive film can more effectively prevent the PET layer from being scratched by the burrs of the shrapnel, and also prevent dust from entering the PET layer.

3. Material description:
Material: stainless steel SUS301/SUS304
Surface treatment: gold-plated, silver-plated, nickel-plated, stainless steel.
Product shape: Oblong, Triangle, round, cross, oval, special shape, etc. (Can be customized with drawings and samples)
Product specifications: diameter 2.4mm-16mm, load 50g--1000g (error: +/- 10 g)
Product features: low contact resistance, oxidation resistance and wear resistance, long life, simple installation.
Environmental protection requirements: meet Rohs requirements Working life: 50W-100W/time
The resistance values of SUS301 and electroplating are: stainless steel/nickel-plated resistance <1000 milliohms, silver-plated resistance <100 milliohms, gold-plated resistance <100 milliohms
Metaldome withstand voltage: 0.1-50VDC, withstand current: 0.005-100mADC

Fourth, the scope of application:
Guozi tablets and Guozi stickers are widely used in medical equipment related products, building system access control equipment, walkie-talkie equipment, lighting remote control, smart safe, car remote control, electric vehicle remote control button, Christmas tree LED light control switch, wireless Bluetooth headset , Driving recorder, electronic scale, thermometer, sweeper and other related products.

model diameter height strength stroke dotted lifetime option
SD-J8.4A28-W-DN 8.4mm±0.07 0.55mm±0.05 280g±30 0.40mm±0.05 W 300-500,000 times (individual test) option

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